Clamp/Spread Linear Actuators

New product

Carts move opposite directions with a single motor

Good for opening doors, aligning, pinching, and cutting.

Rail Guided for long life and rigid function.

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Data sheet

Axis of Travel 1, Opposite Directions
Max Load 25Lbs (11.4 Kg) Each cart
Max Travel 54" (1380mm) Total
Pulley Material Stainless Steel
Guide Stainless Steel Linear Rail
Bearings Material Stainless Steel

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Motor Selection Guide

High Torque Stepper

w/ Microstepping Drive

Brushless Servo

w/ Sine-Wave SmartDrive


Up to 250mm/sec @ full load

Up to 3m/sec @ full load

Highest Accuracy





.1mm with homing function

.05 mm after tuning under load


Industry Standard for

controlled motion

Smooth, Quiet Operation,

Tuning Optimized Motion Profile


Economy Option

Best BLDC Servo price available, roughly 2x Stepper

Peak Linear Force


9lbf without gearbox

Best Use

Cost Sensitive Applications,

Slower Moving Assemblies

Precision Motion Applications with Light Loads,

Low Noise Applications

All of our Actuators and Gantries are proudly assembled in the USA, to your specification.

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